I’ve always loved all things creative. From singing in the choir, to painting, to decorating my home, any activities that involve beautiful sights or sounds make my spirit sing! Flowers became part of that as I entered into a season of life where the showers were endless. Wedding showers, baby showers, rehearsal dinner’s- you name it! If there was a special occasion for family or friends I became the go to girl for flowers (and even cakes, ha! Haven’t made a biz out of that little hobby though). I never intended on turning this side hustle passion into a full blown business and career. Staying home with three kids while running a women’s ministry (Modern Day Mary) in all the in between moments, I just didn’t have the bandwidth.

Then, in February of 2020, I was asked to do floral centerpieces for the Cornerstone Family Ministries annual fundraising gala. I was super excited- had never done an event of that size before. It was a blast, and actually came together much more seamlessly and quickly than I expected! Maybe I could actually do this…?

A few weeks later as I was doing my morning bible study in Leviticus, I was struck by the order and detail God gave to his people as he was instructing them to build the tabernacle. And as I read I sensed the Holy Spirit’s quiet peaceful prompting. He released me to turn my floral passion/side hustle into a business. He promised to lead me step by step, to pave the way before me. I could sense that Freedom Floral was the answer that I never saw coming to a question I’d been waiting for his answer to, “Where is funding for Modern Day Mary going to come from?” And my response was a tearfully joyful, “Yes Lord! You’re too good!”

And so, not two weeks before the whole country shut down due to COVID 19 (I truly did not see that one coming), I filed all the necessary paperwork, bought a bunch of flowers for a styled shoot and grand opening giveaway and launched this business that I love. I never imagined that I’d be starting a business in the midst of such unprecedented times. God has blown me away with his faithfulness. His fingerprints are all over this business and the success it has been right out of the gate. I could never have orchestrated all the things that have gone right, and all the favor the Lord has heaped upon this business. He is so so good! Here are just a few examples of his “fingerprints”.

  1. I wouldn’t have been able to handle the magnitude of orders that launching this business brought if it weren’t for my husband working from home due to the pandemic and having the ability to share the workload of everyday family life with me. It has been such a sweet time for our family (even though some days feel reeeaaally long, ha!)
  2. Modern Day Mary is an events based ministry, so the pandemic has halted many of our plans and opened up all the in between time to focus on Freedom Floral. Starting this business hasn’t taken away from MDM like it would have during normal life, but has filled a gap and been a sweet gift to me in the midst of a stressful and trying year.
  3. I’ve felt the Lord’s favor in relationships and opportunities he has brought, milestones in this business that I have been able to hit far sooner than is typical, all because He is the one paving the way and going before me, working behind the scenes in ways I’ll probably never understand until Heaven. Oh He is sweet, kind, and faithful!

Ultimately starting this business has been a sweet reminder of how well God knows me. He knows what I need, and delights in giving good gifts to his children. Freedom Floral is such a gift to me. Every time I step into my flower room to make something beautiful, I’m reminded that He delights in my delight. That He foresaw what my needs would be during this season and provided for those needs in such a sweet way. All I had to do was listen and obey- and as a result he has done abundantly more than I could ask or think. I am free indeed and this life is one of abundant grace and love from my heavenly father.

Know that as I’m creating for you, I’m thinking of you (or the person you’ve ordered flowers for). Designing is a worshipful experience for me and I truly believe that a generous measure of joy is delivered with each arrangement as a result!

Thank you for supporting this passion project. It is an honor and a privilege to create for you!

With Love,