I know, I know – there is this stigma around subscription anything services these days. It’s such a common -and effective-  marketing ploy. I myself have fallen victim to the dreaded automatic renewal subscription money warp.


So why offer a subscription?

The answer is simple- because it saves you (and me) money!

The flower business is all about getting fresh product into the hands of the people who want it, when they want it. But with normal flower delivery service, the demand from week to week is, well, hard to predict. 

Do I need enough flowers for 5 orders? 10? 20? 

Is it going to be a busy week, or a slow one? 

How many of each size arrangement should I expect to sell?

These are trends we try our best to predict, but when we miscalculate (which absolutely happens) we’re left holding the bill. And our profit margins? Well, they don’t look so hot. So what does best business practice suggest I should do as a business owner? Plan for that loss and bake it into my prices. Rather than taking all the financial risk of buying too many flowers, I could charge double to triple what my costs actually are, to make sure that even if I only sell a third of the flowers I order for the week, I still come out ahead. It’s good business.

And that my friends, is why flower delivery service is so expensive. It is risky to the florist. It is unpredictable. We simply have to charge more for it.


But flower subscriptions? They are different.

All of a sudden there is predictability. The consumer communicates to me (the florist) that they want flowers every month, and they tell me the date they want them. Whether that is the same week from month to month, or it is more custom to account for things like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday’s, etc. The key is they communicate to me what they want. Knowing what you want and having it when you want it is the ideal scenario for everyone involved, wouldn’t you say?

Now all the sudden I have less risk as your florist, because I know what you want and I can make purchasing decisions accordingly. So do I need to charge 2-3x the cost of flowers to make sure I’m covered? No. I do not. Not that I’ve ever actually done that anyway- astronomical prices just aren’t to anyone’s benefit. 😉

And that is why flower subscriptions are always 10% off.

There are other perks too!

Vase upgrades. When you opt into our Vase Reuse Program, you get to choose to receive a small ($2-$5) credit to your account each month, or to upgrade from a glass vase to one that perfectly represents you and matches the style of your home!

Free “just because” upgrades. When I find myself with more flowers than I need for the week, subscribers are the ones who will find a little extra boost in their flower deliveries. 🙂

Customizable scheduling, even down to the size of the arrangement from month to month. Want a Wild + Free for your typical deliveries, but a Luxe upgrade for that holiday party? I got you! Just say the word, and I’ll adjust your invoice for that month.

10% off Add ons. All add on deliveries are at your 10% off subscriber discount. That means, when you send flowers to a friend, 10%. Your mom- 10% off. Need a last minute arrangement for a dinner party? 10% off. 

Priority event booking. Whether it’s for a baby shower, retirement party, business gala, or wedding. If you are a subscriber, you take priority on my calendar! 

A subscription for everyone here!

Have I broken the stigma yet? At least for Freedom Floral Flower Subscriptions? 

Let me tell you just a little bit more..

We offer several different types, and believe wholeheartedly that there is a subscription for everyone here!


Seasonal – this is our most customizable option that requires the low minimum of 3 deliveries a year to lock in that 10% off pricing!

Whether you’re a business looking for the boost in atmosphere that weekly/bi-weekly deliveries could bring, or you’re just a girl who loves having fresh flowers in the house- we’ve got a subscription for you! 

I hope you’ll join us in what we hope will be much more than a subscription service, but a relationship, a friendship even, that we can build on for years to come!

Check out our Floral Subscriptions