Wondering what flowers you’re likely to see on repeat in our Spring arrangements? Then this blog is for you! 


Today I’m sharing some of my favorite go to buds for this time of year!


1. Ranunculus. Oh how we love Ranunculus. Available in pretty much every color and a mix of sizes, these full of personality buds are a tried and true favorite. 

2. Anemones – our friends over at Floret Flower farm (link to: https://shop.floretflowers.com/)  do a beautiful job of growing these gorgeous buds! They come in a variety of bright + bold colors and are at the top of our list when we’re choosing focal flowers in the spring!

3. Tulips

4. Peony Tulips – a great spring compromise while we all await the arrival of the beloved peony. Love how they open up big to reveal a beautiful bright yellow center!

5. Snapdragons – Our go to “sprouty” flower. It’s durable, will most likely be the longest lasting flower in your arrangement and comes in so many gorgeous colors! We love to use it to add a little drama and shape to our arrangements.