I always love an excuse to get a little “extra” and throw a really nice shower for a dear friend. This one was especially sweet, because it came in a season of the Lord bringing life and life abundant in places where we’d prayed and fought to believe, but inwardly questioned if it would ever happen. We were getting to see him “Do it Again” (link to do it again music video on youtube) on multiple fronts, and that meant lots of opportunities to celebrate- much like this one.

This Bee Baby Shower was precious and such a blast to do!  I actually got to make the cake as well, another little side hobby. That one’s reserved for family and friends still though, ha. Hope you enjoy and are inspired by this photo tour of the shower!

I don’t know about y’all but my favorite things about a shower celebration are always- the food, the decor, and the social time – not necessarily in that order. Oh, and of course the flowers sprinkled throughout it all that just tie everything together like a pretty little bow!

Here we go…

The Food

Bite size fruit tarts. Pigs in the Blanket. Berries + Veggies. The menu was pretty amazing for this one!

Let’s not forget the brunch beverages!

Yes, there was a mimosa bar. Yes, it was amazing.

 These were the favorite, or my favorite anyway. Toasted bread, goat cheese, blackberries, and a perfect dose of sweetness in that honey basil drizzle. Need I say more?

This is probably the most proud I’ve ever been of a cake. I just love it so much!

Cookies by Lesley Cooper of  Cooper Cookies! Cooper cookies is sadly closed now, but we still fully intend to bring her out of retirement at every chance we get. 🙂


Okay, onto…

The Decor

Every little detail was so on point! 


And of course, we can’t close out this tour without a photo of the dream team who worked together to make it all happen with the sweet mama!